Zoo Parade

13 Jan

Long before there was Animal Planet, there was a 1950’s TV show called Zoo Parade starring Marlin Perkins. Every Sunday afternoon for 5 years Marlin would show off different animals in the Chicago Lincoln Park Zoo.  I was a faithful watcher and was delighted when school train trips to Chicago included Lincoln Park Zoo. Some of my 1st photos were taken there. I developed my love of animals somewhere between those zoo visits and that TV show.

Time passes and I have a houseful of animals of my own. I don’t watch Animal Planet but I think about Zoo Parade daily. Three to four times a day we take the dog for a fast walk-loop around the back yard. We have finally found a good combination to let the dog burn his excess energy and have us up and moving. Our Zoo Parade has us followed by the dog followed by the old cat and then the large black and white cat bringing up the rear. Most days the entourage follows in line for at least the 1st outing. By the 2nd loop a few hours later, the black and white cat goes off to explore and the old cat stops and waits for the parade to loop back to her. She waits for me to pick her up and carry her back to the house.  The dog loves to do a “fly by” on both cats just because he can as part of his many loops.

At night we go by flashlight and the cats stop somewhere along the way. The dog continues to run loops around us but doesn’t buzz the cats. It is up to us to use our flashlights to find the “cat lights” staring back at us. If we get too far beyond them, the old one starts yelling at us. At least that helps locate her. She expects that I will go back to pick her up. The vet has reminded me that she is a queen not a bitch. Our Zoo Parade has her playing her part to the fullest. I wonder if she is really asking not just to be carried but for a royal coach pulled by her human underlings? I just can’t picture the dog as her footman!


One Response to “Zoo Parade”

  1. Nancy January 14, 2013 at 6:42 AM #

    Ah yes. My husband does miss his version of Zoo Parade. And I miss Marlin Perkins and the later version, Joan Emmery on Johnny Carson putting animals on Johnny’s head. But the real reason for my comment is one of my office mates who goes home every night and gets up every morning so that his dog can “take his human for a walk.”

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