Spring and Chocolate

20 Jan

Putting Spring and chocolate together in a sentence will have many people thinking in terms of the the poor chocolate Easter bunny rabbit with the mystery of its’ missing ears. Because it is January, Easter is still in the distance future but today felt like spring. We have had 3 days in the upper 60’s or just 70. Add lots of sunshine and it is hard not to think spring.  When the football players showed up to move the table saw into the man cave, they were dressed in shorts and muscle shirts. Of course they don’t seem to ever wear coats so that may not be a good indicator.  I have noticed a new array of birds who seem to enjoy singing so that also says early spring. The boys, however, did mention that February is often cold so I’ll enjoy our little slice of early spring while we have it.

That Easter rabbit was almost always milk chocolate which was fine when I was a child but not now. Most of my life chocolate has been on the evil list.  Like many women I tried to balance my need for a chocolate fix with taking good care of myself. For years I eat Snickers bars as a way to at least add some protein in the peanuts. I could just never believe that something that my body seemed to need could really be that terrible for me. Then I discovered dark chocolate at the same time that the reports changed to say chocolate and red wine in moderation were good for our hearts. I dropped the Sneakers and replaced all milk chocolate with progressively higher percentages of dark chocolate.

I was able to buy my 90% dark Lindts at Fred Meyer so I wasn’t concerned about my supply when we moved.  Imagine my surprise when I learned that my neighborhood Kroger store only carried 65% occasionally! I found 70% at Albertson’s but it is 45 miles away and still only 70%. I rationed my few precious bars brought back from Washington but it has been 6 months and the supply is gone. I have been desperate enough to try the no name unlisted percent dark from the Dollar Store. It can’t even be 60%.  Today, however, I was able to procure 4 bars of 85% Godiva at Big Lots! That should last me at least 2 months.

Spring and Chocolate, how good is that?


2 Responses to “Spring and Chocolate”

  1. sam8371 January 20, 2013 at 5:58 PM #

    You never know what will turn up at Big Lots!

    • compterteach January 20, 2013 at 6:46 PM #

      Without ShopKo or BiMart, Big Lots has moved up on my shopping list!

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