27 Jan

We have a heavy duty shredder. That is hardly something unique but ours has assumed a new place in our home. In the past our shredder  sat in a far corner beside a small wastebasket. When the credit card offers or those really expensive credit card checks would come in, I would toss them into that wastebasket for another day when I would have time to sit patiently while the shredder did its slow but through magic. I knew that it was time to also shred those 1980’s and 90’s tax returns but they would have to wait for another day. I confess that I moved the full wastebasket inside the shredder and the tax returns were in the boxes of other files that were also moved.

That all ended in December. We now have an outlet to plug the shredder in not too far from my computer and writing desk. That was a significant change in itself. The shredder sits where I can easily reach it when I sort the mail on my desk. With a quick flick of my wrist it happily eats all of those unwanted offers. The wastebasket has been emptied and put to use in the bathroom. That was really handy because I left a half dozen other wastebaskets behind in Washington but that is another story. The file cabinet only has 2000 to 2011 tax returns. Those did take a little longer because I did chose to remove the staples first. I feel like a new woman. I knew that I would find that extra time that retirement promised. It has only taken 7 months! Of course this week has no extra time but somethings shouldn’t change too much too fast!

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