3 Feb

Mornings are a special time especially Sundays. Cat agrees which is the reason that at about 4 AM she presses her nose to mine to remind me that I often got up at 4. I would get an early start on the day when I was teaching. It was a good time to grade assignments, write tests or plan lessons. My brain isn’t very creative after dinner. In fact it can be a push to come up with a creative dinner idea unless I plan it very early in the day.

Cat is content to snuggle close until 5 which is my normal wake up time.  Her clock works very well as she repeats the nose to nose with a little more pushing. My routine starts with dressing in sweats in the 2nd bedroom so I don’t wake my husband (7 AM is his normal) and then head to the living room to sit in front of the fire to put on my shoes. Cat has started her imitation of the plant from Little Shop of Horrors. She starts yelling “Feed Me” as I put on my coat and head to the back half of the house. She gets quite excited when the kitchen light is turned on but that is so I can see to turn up the heat in the family room. With flashlight in hand, Fred the dog and I head to the back yard so he can do his morning business. He likes to do some wonderful full body stretches and I like to match them. I, however, do mine in an upright position but he is correct; it gets my blood flowing. We also take time to notice how full the moon is and how bright the back yard becomes when the moon is more than 1/2 full. He likes to wander a bit if it is very bright but I usually stay in one place at that hour. The sounds and shadows from the peanut processing plant behind us aren’t scary but I don’t really want to go exploring in the dark either. If I am lucky, one of the sounds is hooting of an owl that must hunt there. Others I know are from the little dog and his best friend a raccoon who reside there. It is an interesting neighborhood. If we linger too long, Cat joins us to demand food in her bowl.

Once we return to the house, the day begins in earnest. Cat get her food. The last of the dishes from desert are added to the dishwasher and  the coffee is started. Pots and pans are washed and the counters are cleared. By the time the computer has booted in the living room, the kitchen is in order.  With coffee in hand I can read the morning paper as the grandfather clock starts its 6 AM chime. Mornings are special especially Sundays – the paper is bigger.


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