100 Posts

15 Feb

People track the 1st 100 days of a US presidency. Newly weds celebrate 1, 2 or 3 weeks or months of marriage. I have trouble remembering birthdays for family members let alone anniversaries. If I would really hard I can bring up the correct year we were married or when I taught at different places. Beyond 1 or 2 though is really pushing it.

Word Press kindly keeps track of the number of posts I have made. For the 1st 50, they congratulated me regularly. Now I think they just expect that I have committed myself to this process. If you read the post on Vacation Time, you might understand why it has been hard work to reach my 100th post. This one makes 101. Stay tuned to see if the ideas run out before the spare time does. Now, however, it is time to fix breakfast, call the plumber (leak at the refrig water line after pulling it out to paint), call the electrician (they were due but didn’t show this week) and get ready to hank the range hood. Another normal day for the retired set.

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