Vacation Time

15 Feb

Like a foolish person, I had made an assumption that in retirement I could schedule vacations for anytime anywhere. I’m smarter now. We have a timeshare in Whistler that is booked for the 2nd week in December. Harry surprised me when he said that he would love to go back to Whistler. I didn’t think he wanted anything to do with snow again. He did clarify that he did not intend to do any cross country skiing so things started to feel more normal. I suggested that we might be able to fly into Seattle or Vancouver and take the train on to Whistler. Unfortunately the train doesn’t run in the winter and the flight for two to Vancouver was $1,500. He decided that the snow was not that appealing after all.

We were able to list our time with RCI, a timeshare exchange company and now have 21 points to use towards another condo somewhere and I started to look at our options. We had discussed returning to New Orleans but I’m not really sure I want to spend a full week there. When we make that trip, I want to look at the greater area and not have to return to the same location every night. A large driving loop with a couple of days to explore at each stop sounds like a better idea. The search goes on. I think we have narrowed it down to the Texas gulf coast in December or January next year. I’ll need to make a selection soon before the options have narrowed too much. We can drive there.

In the midst of doing the condo search, I received an email notice on the clearance prices for transatlantic cruises in April. With prices at $299 to $599 per person for a 12-14 day cruise, I dropped everything to compare the options. Making such a trip is on my bucket list and I had seen a few very attractive offers last month but we were waiting for our renewed passports to arrive.  With passports in hand, I could get serious about this. Did we want to end our cruise in Barcelona, Spain or London? Did we want to start from Florida or San Juan, Puerto Rico? The price of airfare helped shorten the list a little. The price through the cruise line connection was much better than booking directly with an airline but still 2-3 times the cost of the cruise. Being pampered on a long cruise sounded so nice. We have worked so hard; we have earned it. I stopped to do our estimated income taxes. We should break even so now it is just a question on if we wanted to spend the money now.

A glance at the calendar forced me to reconsider booking a 3 week trip in April. Harry has had at least 2 trips per week to a doctor or lab test since the 1st of the year. Next week he only has one but it is from 8 until 4 PM for a heart catheterization. The plan is that will soon be followed by a pacemaker. We also need to schedule more tests with another doctor for the growth on his adrenal gland.

Where did the “we are retired” vacation time go? Maybe October.


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