25 Feb

Today is Monday. That is hardly a note worthy event but I honestly thought I would not take as much note of the days of the week in retirement. I’ll admit that the date sometimes escapes me and time either passes very quickly (didn’t get that birthday card in the mail on time) or very slowly. I always seem to have a lot of different projects going at once so that there is usually something I want to do not matter how much energy I have. Lately I’ve had issues because I can’t do more unpacking because the kitchen is quite ready yet but we will get there soon.

The days of the week, however, remain a constant. I know the electrician is due tomorrow. He has something else to do today but then he also promised a day last week and the week before and didn’t show. I know I can expect him only on a weekday never on a Saturday but the plumber will come on a Saturday. On Sunday the newspaper is larger. There isn’t a paper on Saturday. Monday and Tuesday the paper is so small I wonder why they bother. We also get the free  paper delivered on Tuesday or Wednesday. I can’t be sure on which day it comes. They often manage to throw it under my car or in the vine covering the front yard so I don’t find it for a day or two. Wednesday’s regular paper has the food ads and Thursday has the upcoming sporting events. Friday is devoted to church activities so if we wanted to drive 45 miles we would know all about the different church options there. Fridays also mean we can expect our mail to contain the local weekly paper. It has a lot of columns from area communities and occasionally something I might actually call news. Last week had an important front page article about the total fire loss of the 110 year old church on Main Street as well as the two people who died in a house fire. Both fires were caused by lightening strikes. Makes me want to reconsider the time we spend on the front porch watching lightening storms.

Today is special. It is my youngest son’s birthday. He had gotten his birthday present and cards on Saturday. I knew he had to work today so I called him yesterday to sign “Happy Birthday” to him.  I don’t think he was impressed. I think he thought I didn’t know what day of the week it was. He was so wrong. I just wasn’t sure on the date.


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