25 Feb

I have been a techno junky for years. I have gotten a new laptop or desk computer every two years for decades. I have been a computer instructor so there was a need for the new operating system or office software and the machine to run it. I selected a netbook rather than a laptop two years ago to use for meetings and as an easier traveler. The netbook is not as fast as my laptop but it is lighter and much smaller and has a nicer keyboard so it is a keeper. I don’t know about the laptop yet.

I don’t own a smart phone. I do have a mobile phone with an onscreen keyboard so I am able to easily send texts but I still don’t give out the phone number and only use it for text messages or long distance calls. I buy a yearly plan that lets me roll my minutes which is good because I am still using minutes from probably two years ago. I’ll probably use more because we do not have a long distance option on our home phone. Using the cell phone seemed to make more sense. I know my cell phone does have other functions but have never used them. If I want to take a picture, I’ll use the good SRL Nikon where I can control a number of options to go with the picture. That doesn’t mean that I always get a good picture but at least I know it is my fault and not the camera’s. The lack of a smart phone as part of my daily existence means that I have now failed in the technology race.

I bought a Nintendo Wii for my husband for exercise after his stroke. He doesn’t like it so I now use it. I also bought him a Nintendo DS for the brain exercise games. Again he didn’t like it so again it is mine. I like to play Sudoku on it.  Can’t see upgrading to the 3-D model as I am really not much of a game player. I own a Kindle. I waited until they dropped the price for the basic model with ads to under $100.  I like having a large number of books with me when we travel. My husband reads as much if not more than I do. Even a two day trip means that I need to pack 2 books for him. He is usually just finishing one and will need another to start. If we do a three week trip, a Kindle is the only way I can pack enough books for both of us.

I’ve been looking at tablets for the last few years. I thought the ipad was too expensive and questioned it use for me. The android systems looked good but seemed to have new models every 6 months and again I questioned how much I would use it. The netbook does all of the same things and more and I already own it. The stumbling block came back to the Kindle. Although I have the Kindle app on the netbook and have learned how to rotate it for a vertical display (thank you, Nancy), it is just too heavy to curl up with to read. The basic Kindle works well for that but we need two.  I started shopping for a new one. There are far more options now.  In addition there is the Nook with different book selections. The different operating systems on all of these remind me of the VHS – Beta wars (I still have more VHS tapes than DVD’s and no Blue Ray). The same is true of the smart phones and is probably the real reason I haven’t gone that way. Will there actually be one winner?

For simplicity I narrowed my search down to the Kindle Fire but still had issues with which model. I knew I did not want the larger tablet. If I want that large and awkward, I’ll use the netbook. The decision was either the $159 7 inch or $199 for the 8.9 inch. I made a decision based on weight and price. Office Depot offered a $25 Visa card with the 8.9 inch and it is far lighter than the 7 inch. I consider my $15 well spent. I am now applying my free time learning to use what I have. Taking the two older sons on a Skype tour of the house was much easier than web cam on the netbook. Solitaire works just fine. I don’t like the Sudoku as well as the DS and didn’t even finish the game. Reading a book is great. Downloaded a movie but haven’t taken the time to watch it.  I know from the general set up that I will never be a fan of the on screen keyboard. The netbook wins that contest hands down. Maybe I need to look for a keyboard for the Kindle. Gee maybe I’m still a techno junkie just a little slow to jump on board the latest and greatest.


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