Play Clothes

4 Mar

When I was in grade school, I had school clothes and shoes and play clothes and shoes. Heaven help me if I forgot to change before I headed out to play after school. The school clothes were not always that new or special but they were a step up from the play clothes. Those had seen their share of making mud pies, building forts or exploring the wooded hills that surrounded our house in town.  Occasionally the forts might even receive a coat of paint which would usually be documented on my jeans and shirt. Rips and tears were not uncommon.

We also had a summer cabin on the backwaters of the Mississippi River. During our summers there, I had play clothes and going to town clothes. Most of the play clothes were home made shorts with shirts that didn’t match. I rarely wore shoes there so shoes were reserved for going to town. I think I remember the term “rag muffin” being applied to my attire when my grandmother came to visit.

As we work on the house, I still have play clothes and going to town clothes. My current set of play clothes is a matched set of sweats that were issued to me when I took officer training at the correction center. I refused to wear them during the training. They were brand new when I first wore them on a painting project here. I did give serious thought to reserving them for wiping rags when I stained the floor but a cold day meant that I wore them instead. They are now covered with paint and stain and will soon find a home in the rag bag for another staining project.

For now my going to town clothes are limited to a handful of jeans and 4 or 5 long sleeved tee shirts. I know that there are others yet to be unpacked but they will wait until I have some place to put them. For today I’ll change out of the sweats and into an ok pair of jeans and tee. The garden is calling and the sweats are much too warm.  Later I’ll change once again for a garden club meeting.  Do kids still change into play clothes after school and do they still make mud pies? If not how will they know to change when they start a remodel.

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