Spring At Last

17 Mar

Early spring surprised me. I had thought we would have early spring weather in February but it was clearly winter (our coldest month.) March came in like a lion and I thought the only spring flowers might be the blue bells outside my kitchen window. We didn’t have any crocus, nor daffodils and no sign of tulips. That changed this last week. Trees in the neighborhood are covered in clouds of  pink or white blossoms. Bright yellow daffodils and red tulips surround many homes in town. Spring has finally arrived.

Here the grape hyacinths are in a number areas although even if there were hundreds of them, they would never be considered showy. The Vinca Major has offered up a few violet blue blooms despite Harry’s close cut mowing in the front yard. It is an assertive plant so I know it will quickly return to cover the shaded front yard and I should be able to convince him not to mow it again.  At least I now know what we don’t have so I can plan for next Spring. I’ll just have to decide where the daffodils and tulips will look best. More importantly, I’ll have to remember that St. Pat’s day actually welcomes spring.


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