Grape Hyacinths

21 Mar

I was wrong when I said” grape hyacinths are in a number areas although even if there were hundreds of them, they would never be considered showy.” They can come close to showy when they number in the hundreds. They are now covering lawns through town in a sold mass of violet blue. I had never seen them naturalized in a lawn to create a solid carpet but I have now. Ours tend to be patchy but next door the vacant lot is covered. They are especially pretty when surrounding the yellow daffodils.

Last spring I tried to imagine what life may be like here as a retired person in the south. So far I’ve been too busy to enjoy it although I try to spend part of everyday slowing down enough to smell the flowers. This week has been dominated by numerous trips to the dumpsters as part of the city wide clean up week. We no longer have a mound of cardboard nor of old drywall. Next up will be the remains of the kitchen cabinets that came out in broken pieces. I have also been up to my eyeballs in the PowerPoint presentations for the new textbook and getting things organized for the two classes I’ll be teaching spring term. Why did I say yes to either of these? We have places to go and things to but I’ll be slowed down by classwork. Of course the classes will fund those trips so that might be why I decided to say yes! Now if the weather would stay cool and rainy for a few more days, I’d get a head start on class and will still have time to move the rose bushes. The nice days make it just too hard to sit at the computer for more than a couple of hours. I really need to rethink the meaning of retired.


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