First Weekend Guests

17 Apr

One of the interesting things about moving 2100 miles from your home base and doing a remodel is that friends and relatives tend to be a little slow to decide to visit. An old friend from Seattle and his wife were spending a week in Dallas and decided to come for a visit. We had a scurry of work to get the tools moved out and the corners cleaned. I normally clear off all of the flat places in the house but settled on the counters and the dinning room table. That in itself was a major task!

The visit went well and it was fun to show off the area. I got to cook for someone other than my husband. It made me think that renting out two bedrooms as a B&B might be an option sometime in the future. We spent the night in the trailer – sewing room where we have the second bathroom option. I do need to spend some time getting it organized rather than just a dumping ground for things I don’ know where to place.

The sad part about the weekend is that those flat places are once again filled with stuff and some of the tools have come back from the work shop. Time to unpack the shorts and tees and pack away the sweatshirts. Maybe I’ll find the dinning room again soon.


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