14 May

Warm weather and flowers are finally here.  The area blue bonnets have come and gone and the wild coreopsis and Indian paintbrush are in full bloom along the roadsides as have my allergies. For the weather we are talking pleasantly warm (upper 70’s to mid 80’s) not unbearably hot. The hot will come later I’m sure. We have switched from inside projects to outside ones. Today the man cave will finally have the full light 2nd door on the side. It will take an additional hour to get the door clean again after it spent months leaning against the side of the building. The front porch now has all of its floor boards and posts set. Part of the floor has been painted and more will be done soon. Rain is forecast for the middle of the week so we will move back to inside projects then.

The warm weather also means that I started cleaning and organizing the screened patio/garden room/sun room. It is hard to decide on a name for it because a patio to me adjacent to the house but our room isn’t really. A sun room should have sun but ours sits under a large tree so it stays cool in the afternoon sun. It is the prefect place to sit with morning coffee or an alfresco dinner. We have to swings so we can chat from our favorite opposite sides. The front porch will get a new swing to go with the wicker and rocking chairs. Facing west, it gets too hot in the late afternoon sun. It is best, however, for watching the lightening and rain or listening to the evening sounds.

All of this brings me to playtime. Playtime is different than down time. We can relax in the rockers or the swings after a day of hard work but that isn’t really play. For the last eight months, play has been maybe going to a movie on a Friday afternoon or to a different Lowes or Home Depot to buy supplies with lunch at a different restaurant thrown in. Now, however, we are starting to plan for play time. The corner of the dinning room has been rearranged so I can (and have) actually sit down at my keyboard to practice. I have a long way to go on that! The back yard is sporting a new stack of hay bales as a backstop for the archery target.  The side rails and shirting pieces from the front porch are now forming a fence behind for safety. We have yet to get out the bows and arrows but the 1st step has been completed.

The plastic has been laid out to kill the grass under the above ground swimming pool. I plan to start the rototilling to level the area this weekend. The pool should arrive at the end of this week.  There will be work involved but a dip in the pool sounds like the perfect answer to a hot day. It should be long enough to allow me to actually swim laps to help work off all of the extra me added from winter. Luckily I have swimsuits in a variety of sizes.

I have also gotten out the golf clubs with the plastic practice balls. I’m not sure I ever got them out in the years we lived in Wenatchee. I don’t really care about hitting the course but swinging the club is good exercise and there is a special feeling when you know you hit it just right.  I even have room to use an actual golf ball with my 9 iron from the side of the man cave to the back fence.  It is too bad that the peanut bagging plant behind us is in use. It might be fun to bounce balls through the trees, over the road into the side of the metal building. Of course that would scare the dozens of stray cats from the building.

We have also gotten out the fishing gear. It is piled under the carport. The trip has been planned and then postponed twice. Those work projects keep getting in the way. “Gone Fishing” has a nice ring to it. Maybe tomorrow. Play time here we come.

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