Pizza and Beer

15 May

Some foods are naturals for a combination with some drinks. Spaghetti calls for a nice red wine. It doesn’t have to been a fancy red. A simple burgundy will do the trick. Of course if the spaghetti is actually a fettuccine with a garlic cream sauce the wine would need to be a white as long as it isn’t too sweet or fruity. I’m really not much of a wine drinker or any kind of a drinker. I should go back to box wine because a bottle loses something in the month that it takes me to drink it.

With pizza, however, I prefer beer. Not a light wimpy beer but a deep dark ale or stout. A Guinness works well. Now the pizza is fairly easily obtained from one of our local deli and gas stations. Some times the pizza is better than others depending on which member of the staff is adding the toppings. but they are there always available. The beer is another matter. I have to plan well in advance because I can not buy any kind of alcohol in town unless it is rubbing alcohol. I can’t buy a beer at the closest WalMart fifteen miles away in Bonham which is in the same county. We have to go the other direction 20 miles to the WalMart or Kroger in Paris although there is a small grocery just over the county line in a town called Togo which was built to sell liquor. We have yet to stop there because even though the beer run has to be a planned trip, it has never been the focus of the trip. Of course with drinking a beer with my pizza every other week, it can be hard to keep track of how much I have on hand.  Maybe I should spend some of my retirement time thinking about another food that will good with that beer. Or not.


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