Flattened Fauna Part 3

18 May

We have a new winner in the unsuccessful road crossing competition. Armadillos had increased their representation but have fallen to 2nd place. Skunks are now in third and racoons have dropped well below unidentifiable furry. The new winner or (should I say looser? ) are turtles. I have seen a number of brave examples who are attempting to cross the road and have also witnessed their failure.

So far we’ve been able to dodge the candidates but it has been difficult. I really hope to be able to stop the next time we see a live one to check out what kind of turtle/tortoise they are.  I’ll have to find a new guidebook although I do still have the one I used in college over 45 years ago. This must be why I’ve saved it.  The turtles all appear to be a similar species in varying sizes but it is hard to determine at 65 miles per hour.  I’m not certain if this effort is a seasonal thing or if it is related to the flooding rain we have had this week. I’ll keep my fingers crossed that the turtle effort comes to a quick end and that skunks retake 1st place. The vultures seem to enjoy them much more.


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