Air Conditioning and Pets

20 May

We have had our first real heat wave – 90 + for more than 1 day. It was time to put the air conditioners into the windows. We had talked about central air but really liked the idea of the zonal system until we priced it. We already had 1 small window and 2 portable air conditioners and decided adding one larger window unit should meet our needs.

Installation of the new unit involved more of a discussion that we had planned. I wanted to place it in one of the larger windows in the family room. It is actually a double hung window installed sideways (we didn’t do it) and meant we could pick any sized unit. Harry wanted it over one window which is smaller. We moved down one size and thought the unit should just fit.  That was before we learned the screen does not come out easily and covers both halves of the window. I’ll be happy when we replace it with a glass door to the unbuilt deck.. The result is that I won the discussion. The unit went in and the upper section has been filled.

The fun began when we turned the unit on.  The cats and dog moved from the loveseat beside the unit to the floor. Over the next few hours they adjusted their floor spot until the found the perfect distance for peace and cool. The three line up in the family room in rows creating a set of low hurtles as we move from room to room. I never liked having them on the love seat but gave that up as a losing battle. Maybe it wasn’t so bad after all.  Maybe I should move the love seat?

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