What does it mean to finish?

28 May

I start many projects at once or within a short time span. My husband likes to work on only one at a time. He will stick with it no matter how tired he gets or how nasty the weather is. I like to move from one to another depending on how sore my muscles are or on the weather. Even though we have been working on this house for almost a year, we still have lots of things to work on because we work on my sytem.

If it is cool and my vertigo is not acting up, I can be in the attic to cut holes for vent pipes or push down wire or check how far that hole was from the beam. If it is hot, there are things to be sorted into a permanent home or painting inside or out. If it is cloudy and humid, I can weed the garden or cut the grass. On a nice sunny day I can hang out the sheets while I do the laundry. If my muscles are sore from a hard or heavy job one day, I can find dozens of light ones till the soreness passes. It is a system that works for me.

All of this means that after a year, we really aren’t done with anything. The living room is no longer filled with boxes, has its new light, chairs and fireplace and is totally usable but I have yet to decide on a wall color so it can be painted. The same is true for the dinning room. The bedroom has been painted but it has portable clothes bars rather than the wardrobes that I need to construct. The kitchen only needs shelves beside the windows and the title back splash but the big things all work. The baths need too much to list but soon both baths will be useable.

This brings me to the front porch. It received new under structure two years ago and 2/3 of the new floor boards along with new supports posts. It was safe for someone to come to the front door but it really wasn’t very pretty. I had to make a design decision that I didn’t want to make so it sat all last year while I worked on more pressing projects. I made the decision this spring. We installed the rest of the floor boards, wrapped the posts to balance their size with the house, installed new steps and everything has received two coats of paint. Yesterday we hung the new porch swing and arranged the furniture on both ends of the porch. It really looks nice so that should mean that it is finished, shouldn’t it? But no it still needs the skirting around the lower structure. It is something we need to get done before winter (direct access to the pipes under the house) but there is a problem to work out first. Besides getting the 2nd bath roughed in is more important. Then there will be flooring and title. Maybe by October I’ll announce that the front porch is really finished but for now the front porch is done until I decide how to finish it.


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