Planning Time for Travel

10 Jun

A woman at an RV park recently said that she was looking forward to the 1st of August because she and her husband will have closed the sale on both of their RV parks. They were going to do exactly what I was doing – hitting the road when ever I felt like it. I congratulated her but didn’t have the heart to tell her it just didn’t work like that. She is correct that having an RV means that it can be packed at all times and ready to go within an hour. Then the serious “fun” about the trip begins.

There is the decision on pets – go or stay and who will care for them? Can we get a reservation at the kennel if needed? Does the neighbor have plans that will conflict? Will the trip mean someone will need to cut the grass? The mail and paper can be held with a call or email but what about the free paper that comes weekly? Many people in town let those pile up but we don’t.

Next up is the financial. Do we have the money for gas at $3.89 / gallon when we get 14 miles / gallon? Have we timed for the other bills like water, gas and electricity? They are often due within 2 weeks from their billing period. Two can be paid online but one can’t. Other bills like the mortgage on the rental house are paid online as well so the only other requirement in an online connection.

Then there are doctor appointments every 3 months for Harry with a lab appointment 2 weeks before. There are the 30 days of pills. We use WalMart so we could get a refill in another part of the country but that won’t help for a 3 week transatlantic cruise. We need to negotiate those well ahead of the trip. There is also that Internet connection on the boat.  The website says it is available but doesn’t mention the cost. Last cruise is was outrageous – $5/minute! Brings back the early days with AOL accounts.

If we are visiting family, there is also coordinating their schedules. My 3 days in the Puget Sound area rearranged 4 times to work around which child was available when. So for this trip I had most of the year to plan and then rearranged a lot. I’m planning now for that cruise and the Texas gulf coast for New Year’s is still a way off.

She may be correct, however, in that after I recover from this trip, I mayget Harry to take a 3 – 4 day trip to Arkansas in August. If I tell him that his dog can go to, he might be okay with it. I better start planning it now.


One Response to “Planning Time for Travel”

  1. Janice Clark June 10, 2013 at 8:53 AM #

    Life does get complicated, doesn’t it? We have no pets, and my son next door is willing to deal with papers and mail, so those are covered, at least. I’m not likely to go on a long trip anyway, as I don’t enjoy driving that much and prefer to stay home and let people come to me. Have you checked to see if you can get medications on a 90 day basis instead of 30? That’s what we do.

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