20 Jun

I have been solo traveling for 2 weeks and 2 days. Seven of those days were actually driving on the freeways round trip between Washington state and Texas. Although I made a similar trip 3 times last summer and 2 of those trips were also solo, this seemed like a much longer time away from home.  I had 4 days on the road coming back to consider the differences.

  1. There was so much more traffic on both sides of Puget Sound as I visited sons and granddaughters. Where did all of the cars come from? I guess I didn’t really notice them last summer and it has been ten years since I lived in that area. Change is to be expected.
  2. I flew from Texas to Washington for the 2 solo trips last year rather than driving the round trip. Having 7 days of only myself for company could have added to the feeling of a long time away from home. (This topic will be another blog post.)
  3. I stayed with a dear friend rather than at the rental house.
  4. Last year I really didn’t know where HOME was. Washington was familiar but Texas held my loved ones. Although things were being rearranged in the Washington house, I still had stuff there. That is no longer true. I picked up almost all of the stuff with this trip. I did leave some tools but that is for whenever we put the house on the market. Those items were stored carefully under the house. There is nothing more that I need for my life here.

I saw lots of friends and missed seeing many more. Next visit I’ll need to plan a picnic in the park to see as many as possible. There just wasn’t time for that or I was just too tired. I will visit again but I don’t know when. 5,300 miles is a long drive on a short time line. There are places I might like to stop at just because but for now I am Home and that is just fine.

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