3 Jul

We do not celebrate normal anniversaries. We started with the April date when we started dating. When we renewed our wedding vows, we did so in late April because it seemed appropriate. April is a good time to look at new beginnings.

Memorial Day was special that first year because it was the first trip to Harry’s cabin. It became an annual tradition as long as we owned the property. We got married just before Memorial Day after a cruise to Mexico. That was the only year we didn’t celebrate at the cabin as long as we owned the property. It was after one of those trips that Harry had his stroke. That marked a major loss in our lives but we have continued to celebrate that he survived and that we have had many more good years together.

We could celebrate my retirement June 30th but I didn’t really retire fully. I have a student who decided it was a good idea to finish the Spring term class rather than getting an F so I’m still teaching even without a paycheck.  Instead we have added July 2nd to our celebration list. We moved into our house a year ago. We had dinner in the screened patio/garden room last night and toasted how much we had gotten done in that year. Unfortunately we can look out on the piles of scrape lumber that have yet to find a home but this is a new year. Surely I’ll find a home for it before another year passes. Isn’t that what anniversaries are for?

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