Flattened Fauna Part 5

3 Jul

This has to be the very last posting on this topic. I know that I have run it into the ground but I really did need to add this final note. This entry was only a single specimen but it is a winner in the pure mass category. Like the moose this entrant is large and can quickly run through the underbrush without a scratch. Luckily it was already on the roadside when we saw our first  wild hog.. I know that they are in the area hiding in the treed underbrush but I’ve never seen one. To me they were almost in the urban legend class. There are ads in the local papers for butchering services but there are ads for all sorts of things I’ll never need.

This sighting took place on our way to Sherman. We went past so quickly I didn’t have a chance to take a photo to prove they do exist On our return trip the pig was gone. It may have been picked up by the highway department but I doubt it. I’d like to think that it was claimed by the individual who had a scary crash and a damaged vehicle. Maybe they will need the services of that butcher.

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