18 Jul

I grew up in northern Illinois in a small town on the Mississippi River. Our house sat on a bluff with a wonderful view of the river. At night my room was lite by the search lights on the barges that head up the river to St Paul, Minnesota.  During the day my parents would comment on the number of barges that passed. In winter we watched as the ice closed the waterway until the break up in the spring. It was a basic part of our life.  During the summer we moved to our cabin on a back slough of the river. The views weren’t as dramatic but we went swimming 2 to 3 times a day. What more could a kid ask?

When my husband and I had our house in Aberdeen, WA, we had a similar view of Grays Harbor. I felt I had come full circle. The view, however, didn’t offer the chance to go swimming. Although our lot was large, it slopped down sharply so the only option for a pool was in-ground. That was out of our budget. We did add a hot tub on the upper deck which was wonderful but not the same.

We’ve moved to Texas with hot summer days. We selected our house for a number of reasons and one was the large flat lot.  It is a prefect place to have an archery target and horse shoe pit and 9 iron golf driving range. I would love to have an in-ground lap pool but again that is out of budget. Instead we have added a good sized above ground pool. It was a lot of work to decide on a size and location, remove the grass and spread the sand layer to have it level. We decided to place it near the Man cave behind the screened garden patio with views of both the flower and veggie gardens as well as the archery range.

Putting the pieces of the pool together wasn’t hard but it took two old people all day to get everything connected. We are lucky that our tap water is always warm in the summer so after running two hoses for a full day plus part of another, we could jump right in. Next came connecting the pumps and filters followed by bags of salt. Now we need to balance chemicals and pH. Makes me glad I have that Chemistry minor! The very best part is that we can go swimming 2 -3 times a day. What more can an old kid ask?

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