23 Jul

I have friends who are experts at deciding if a wine is a good one or a bad. I am in expert in knowing it was a wine I liked or one I didn’t. I’ve been known to like a bad wine but that is another story. I do not lay claims on being a wine expert but now feel I am well on my way to being a cinnamon expert.

I add a dash of cinnamon to my morning coffee. That is not earth shattering information but has become an important part of my daily routine. I’ve read the articles that say cinnamon can help lower blood sugar levels and I’ll take all of the help I can get. I could also add cinnamon to my diet with a nice gooey cinnamon roll every morning but that sounds a bit self defeating. I will occasionally add apple butter (lots of cinnamon) to my whole grain toast or sprinkle a little cinnamon on my cereal but the coffee has been a sure thing.

The issue is that I have run out of Costco cinnamon  which I’ve used for years. Our “local” Costco is 150 miles round trip so we plan those adventures carefully. I did go shopping when I was in Washington last month but forgot the cinnamon. It was on my list but I didn’t look at the list. I went in, picked up what I thought I needed and had room for and left before I was distracted by too many interesting items I didn’t really need. The cinnamon didn’t leap out at me. I wasn’t out then. Spices are one of the things you can not buy at so a replacement means a trip to the warehouse. That will not happen this week unless we pass a warehouse on our road trip north.

In desperation I dug through the spice cupboard to find the old bottle of Kirkland cinnamon. With the 1st cup of coffee I remembered why I put it in the back of the cupboard to be used in baking.  Why didn’t I just throw the bottle out? It isn’t even good enough to qualify as a bad wine although it might work if there was a way to make wine out of it! It is bitter and clumps in my cup making a slimy glob. How could I have forgotten how bad it was?

I remembered that I had a small bottle of cinnamon in the camper from a set of spices my sister-in-law has sent a few years back. I try to keep my spices fresh but when we are on the road in the camper, I’ll use what I have. Because we don’t use the van often, the “fresh” might be gauged in years rather than months.  Even though this bottle has been around a long time, the blend of four cinnamons is flavorful and smooth in my cup. Salvation! Of course it is a really small bottle. I wonder where there is a Costco on our way? Will I remember to only buy cinnamon? Might be best if Harry stays in the car. Cinnamon is the mission here.

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