10 Degrees

10 Aug

10 degrees in temperature doesn’t seem like a great deal until you start to compare different combinations. The difference between 40 and 30 makes a world of difference to plants but between 40 and 50 is only a slight difference in comfort. The difference between 94 and 104 is also a life changer. We had expected hot humid summers; we do live in Texas. Two years ago we had 2 weeks of 108 but it was a dry heat similar to Wenatchee. We suffered but not unbearably.

We have had two weeks of triple digits this summer and are more than ready for a change.  Last night there were thunder storms but almost no rain. The temperature stayed at about 78 overnight but it was slow to raise this morning and was not expected above 95. We also had a nice breeze. It was delightful to have coffee on the front porch again. It was delightful out there until after 9 AM and we enjoyed every minute of it. I was still able to get a little work done before heading for inside tasks. Tomorrow should be more of the same. I should be able to get the tile board cut and may even start tiling the new shower. I’ve threatened to do it for weeks but might actually do it this week. All I really need is that 10 degrees reduction. I’ve really love it if we could get that same reduction overnight but it looks like it is another reminder that we live in Texas.


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