Division of Labor

10 Aug

My husband and I, like many couples have a division of labor. This is not based on the traditional male/female rolls although some of them match. Ours are based purely on our interests and likes and recognition that the jobs need to be done. He loves cars so the care and feeding (oil changes, tires, waxing etc.) are all his domain. I love to cook so I make most of the meals and buy groceries although he likes to cook what he wants to eat at times. I tend to add more veggies than he likes. He makes the bed every morning because he is the last one getting up but I changes the sheets and do the laundry as needed.

When it comes to yard work, we again divide the labor. With 2/3 of an acre he decided we needed a lawn tractor so he mows the big sections. I like an electric lawn mower (it will always start) and I do the areas close to the house, flower beds and swimming pool. If I don’t keep up my areas, he has been known to mow over the flowers. In his opinion if it green, it should be cut close to the ground. For the last 2 weeks, however, he has not kept up his end of the contract. He has had a case of sciatica that doesn’t seem to want to let go. As a result he is walking with a cane and only goes from one end of the house to another. Walking out to his tractor is not in the picture but the grass keeps growing happily along.  The division of labor has headed out the window.

It did take me 2 days but 1/2 of the work time on the first day was spent trying to get the tractor started.  With instruction book in hand, I could not get the — — — thing to start. I find that comical because I had to read the step by step instructions to him at the start of the season for him to get it going.  This time it has no intentions of cooperating. It was up to my trusty electric mower and 2 very long cords to save the back yard!  I had the 1st 1/2 done in about an hour when the temp and the sun told me I had had enough. With an earlier start the next day, I had time to do the front and sides as well.  Harry usually does the neighbor’s back yard for her when he does ours. This time she is on her own. She said she thought about cutting her’s when she did the front but decided to wait another week. Surely Harry will be back to normal within another week. I agree. There are advantages to having someone with whom to divide the labor.

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