Why Texas in Ten Steps

11 Aug

The first thing that most people ask when they learn that we moved from Washington state to Texas is “Why Texas?” I’ve tried a number of different variations on the answer but they continue to look at us like we are a little nuts. I think we are practical. Texas is not Nirvana. It is easy to find fault with things starting with the politics of the governor and ending  with the hot humid summer but I still think it has been a good choice.

  1. The summers are hot but so are those in Wenatchee. The winters are much more mild with temps usually in the 40’s.
  2. The growing season is split into early spring and early fall which means I don’t have to do much when it is really hot.
  3. We normally get as much rain as Seattle but unlike Seattle it comes in buckets with only 3-4 rain storms per month rather than a steady gray rainy winter.
  4. It is great fun to sit on the front porch and watch the rain and/or the thunderstorm.
  5. When we do sit on the front porch during nicer weather, everyone in cars and trucks passing, wave as they drive past. They do the same as they pass when I’ve out for a walk.
  6. Courtesy levels seem to be high for almost all age groups. We occasionally find a grumpy person but not often. People seem to be nice.
  7. We love the house and loved the price. This house was not unique. There are many houses in that under 25,000 range but even more in the 50-85,000 range without the need of major repair. This Sunday there were 3 listings for houses with swimming pools for $150,000 in Sherman (population 40,000.) Median price: $99,000
  8. A quick check of real estate listings for both Seattle and Wenatchee ranged from 6 million down to a low of 55,000. That low included 1 lot and 1 mobile home in a park. Most houses were still in the 150,000 – 300,000 range.  Median price for Wenatchee: $218,000. No matter how you calculate that involves either a really large down payment or extremely high mortgage. I really like not having a mortgage.
  9. We have friends or family in Florida, Maryland, New Hampshire, Pennsylvania, Illinois, Minnesota, Iowa, California and Washington. We are no more than 4 days from any of them. Our part of Texas is very centrally located in the southern half of the country.
  10. And lastly did I mention that we don’t have a mortgage on this house?

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