Computer Clutter

27 Aug

I will admit that I am a computer junkie. We have 1 tablet, 1 netbook, 1laptop and 2 desktop computers. I am the one who bought each of them and it is my job to maintain them. Most of the maintenance is on Harry’s desktop but luckily at the moment it is still in the box. We are getting close to having the wall ready for the shelf unit to go into the family room. Once that unit is in place I’ll be able to set up his computer. The others normally just require that I accept the needed updates and I can forget about them.

In preparation for our trip, I decided it was time to check the status of the netbook. That can be a frustrating activity because it is not the fastest computer in the group. In reality its only claim to fame has been its 10 hour battery life and its portability. I bought it purely to use for meetings but I no longer go to required staff meetings. It is now time to have that netbook in top form for travel. The laptop had been my travel companion but it is just too big and heavy. I’m not sure what lies in its future but for now it stays home.

Because the netbook is so slow, I decided to uninstall all of the programs that I added so I could grade homework on the road. It is amazing how much stuff I had on that little machine that is no longer needed. Maybe this housecleaning activity is part of letting go to that part of my life. I no longer need to create web pages for my class so the Dreamweaver comes off. I don’t need to record training videos so Tegrity recording software can come off. The graphic design program never did run well and MS Project was only handy when I was teaching the program.

I’ll keep MS Office although I don’t really know why. The only software I use is the web browser but I hope to use Word as I work on that elusive novel. This might just be the time to focus my thoughts as well as focusing my software. The only question that remains will be if the netbook  runs any faster with all that extra weight gone. I’ll keep you posted.


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