New Perfume

6 Sep

I have a new perfume. That is not a big deal for many women but I stopped wearing anything but a light cologne decades ago. As an asthmatic I found that many perfumes on me or on the students with whom I worked would cause a major coughing attack. Such an attack is guaranteed to be a disruption in a class. It was easier to stop wearing perfume myself and ask students to do the same.

Over the years I had tried different perfumes but never found one that really worked for me. In my twenties I enjoyed Charlie, then moved to Titana in my thirties and in my forties Vanilla Musk, Harry does not like the smell of vanilla and the asthma was an issue so I stopped trying in my fifties.

This new perfume is a botanical blend of Lavender, Peppermint, Yiang Yiang, Frankincense, Chamomile and Myrrh.  Reading the label makes me think of Christmas. The combination is listed as a natural relief for vertigo symptoms.  Almost a year after my head injury, vertigo is a daily issue so any relief of symptoms would be welcomed even if it were a bad smell! I am to place a drop behind each ear (just like perfume) every 2 hours for the next 3 days. I really hope it helps the vertigo but even if it doesn’t I think I will continue to use it regularly. The peppermint adds a tingle and the scent is spicy without being over powering. It is so much nicer than the smell of Vicks or Ben Gay both of which perfume our bedroom most nights. I had begun to think they would be my signature scent for the rest of my days. It is nice to know there are new adventures still waiting for me.


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