Clocks and Watches Update

7 Sep

On March 29th I wrote about my collection of wrist watches and how many is too many. This is an expanded update.

I did not sell any of my wrist watches at the garage sale nor did I sell any of my husband’s. We both have drawers full of watches almost all of which need batteries. Every time we go into Costco I have to drag my husband away from the watch display. I will not let him buy another. He actually paid $250 for his last watch that has a band he doesn’t like. Only later did he discover that replacing the band was not a quick 1 – 2. In fact finding a display of leather watch bands is like finding a pay phone. You can buy a cheap watch for less than a watch band. He uses the watch band as an excuse for never wearing the watch.

I will select two watches for each of us to take on our cruise. Being on vacation I’ll again be concerned about missing transport (saying “boat” here was just too easy) and he will want to know the time because his routine will have changed. One watch will be set for London time and the other for Florida time. We will be covered for our two extended stay areas and hopefully the ones I set for London will be easy enough to adjust if needed on board. By the time we reach Florida, I may very well be frustrated by changing the times so we will be covered. Luckily watches do not take up much space in a suitcase.

The clocks have all found their place in our new home.  Mickey is happy in the kitchen and the grandfather clock in the living room. The mantel clock is currently in the dining room but could be transferred to the fireplace mantel as desired.  We did need to add a second outdoor clock for the pool area because we also have one in the screened patio. It has taken this long to give the update because the double sided hanging clock will be the last when installed in the hallway to the family room later today. I had been waiting until we installed a beam and support columns. The clock will be mounted on one of the columns.  Although we still have work to do on the house, one more piece will confirm that this house is home.

One Response to “Clocks and Watches Update”

  1. Howard, Nancy September 7, 2013 at 8:41 AM #

    I had hoped my connection to timepieces would diminish upon retirement. Maybe. Maybe not.

    I figured out my issues with sound. I keep the iPad in a keyboard sleeve. It props the iPad at a great angle for viewing and use. And when I have the device in my lap, I steady it with the first two fingers of my left hand. And guess what is right under those fingers? Yup. The volume control button. Sheesh! Well, at least now I know.

    Let’s talk next week.

    PS, I hope the aroma therapy works today, too.

    let’s talk next week. N Sent from my iPad

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