Second Bathroom

22 Sep

Our house now has a second bathroom. With only two of us, one bath should be enough but we don’t operate that way. For the last year we have had a race to see who gets there first when we come in the door after a road trip. We take turns sitting on the bench at the foot of our bed waiting for the bathroom door to open. I had heard that couples start to look like each other as they age but matching bathroom habits seems to take togetherness a little too far.

The old bath had a door to the master bedroom and a second door to the hallway. It worked but made the small square footage very choppy. When we removed the hallway door, we had the plumber move the toilet to the other side of the room and put the vanity where the toilet had been. We will be adding a second vanity after we put in the floor and patch the drywall. Then we can pull out the really sloppy tile work around the tub. We will add a new window that opens and new tile. When we first saw the house, that window had been fixed with a piece of plywood.  We were amazed at the difference a small piece of glass made.

The new bath has a tiled shower with multiple shower heads – rain, body and handheld. (Fred the dog will be getting a bath soon.) The counter at the large single basin kitchen style sink has enough room to be the cat feeding station. That way it is easy to clean up and reserves the food for only the cats. The final touch was to add the toilet as soon as I finished the floor. For the moment the bathroom race is over. Of course we will be starting on the flooring in the master bath which means the toilet will be coming out but that should be for only a short time. The day or two of waiting in line will be a good reminder of how far we have come even if it has taken twice as long as I planned. The time matches the double budget so everything is in balance. What more could I ask?


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