Fall Has Come

24 Sep

Over the years I often wondered at the disconnect between the weather and the calendar. Some years summer lingered and winter started early. This year Fall seems to have arrived on schedule. The days may still reach the low ninety’s but the nights have fallen to the low 60’s. It is still dark when I get up and the sun isn’t up when I take Fred the dog for his 1st official walk of the day. He and I go out as soon as I get up but that is only as far as the man cave and I have a flash light. He doesn’t venture too far. Harry says Fred is trying to protect me; I say he is afraid of the dark.

The morning air has also changed. It has an earthy smell that doesn’t seem to come from any direction. No one around us is digging garden space or flower beds so the smell may be coming from the fields that surround the city. The sunflowers have been harvested and the fields have been prepped for the winter.

We have also had a couple of fall rains. As a result the red spider lilies have popped up. They are almost magical in that one day they aren’t there and the next they are 8 inches tall and in full bloom.  Although we have a few plants, our neighbor has a very showy row that goes from our driveway to her house. They provide the fall color we don’t get from the trees.

All together this means that I had better get moving on the outside jobs that need to be finished before we head off for our cruise. I think I would really like to take a book and curl up in the swing. The weather outside is just perfect for doing nothing.  At least that is what the cat says.


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