Politics to the Left of Center

2 Oct

I have not added new posts lately because I have learned that planning a bucket list trip involves lots of planning and research. It is not as bad as building a new house but I’ve still reached the point of not wanting to make one more decision even though I think I should nail down a couple more options. I like the idea of being spontaneous but I also like to manage costs. Even something as simple as packing becomes a major consideration. We will have such a range of temperature that one require a range of shirts, pants and jackets. The cruise will also involve 3 formal nights. Luckily we will be close to the laundry.

Although this is personally an exciting time, it is also a depressing time. I have never really been involved in politics. I recognized as a child that my personal views did not match those of my relatives. I was a liberal 4 year old in a conservative area of the country ( I wanted a black baby doll and was shocked that it wasn’t as nice as my white baby doll.) I thought it best to keep those thoughts to myself except to ask questions at home.

I fit in better when I moved to the west coast. It wasn’t necessary to fight any political battles because most of the things happening around me had a more liberal view. Now I have moved to an extremely conservative state. It may be time for me to step out of my comfort zone and place a Wendy Davis for Governor sign in our front yard. Even my conservative husband has been appalled by the action to close women’s health centers in Texas. He doesn’t like the idea of abortion but has learned to respect the rights of the woman to make the best choice for herself. They can’t make that decision if the options are only located 500 miles away and require a 3 day waiting period. That means 2 trips or 3 days away from a low paying job and/or other children at home. Only the rich can afford that option.

I am also disgusted at the shut down of the government over the Affordable Health Care Act. The Act may not be the very best legislation every passed but I have not heard any other options. “None” is not an answer to the millions of Americans who can not afford health insurance.  The biggest problem that I see with the bill is that it doesn’t go far enough. It has allowed thousands of Texas to be left behind but the current Governor refused to have Texas support the Act. The Exchange is closed to many of our citizens who need it the most. Of course because Texas is one of the states that require a photo ID to vote, the only other block to getting out the vote action might be a poll tax. I think that they have been there and done that. So after our relaxing cruise, I should be ready to come back and find the Democratic party office. There must be at least one in a closet somewhere in North Texas. Wendy Davis seems like a woman I can get behind. We need more of them. I should probably increase the insurance on our house. This is an extremely conservative neighborhood.


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