Holidays – Today is October Rain Day

14 Oct

In the past I have taught classes in Microsoft Outlook and Microsoft Project. The first program I don’t like or use but understand and appreciate all it can do. The 2nd program I like but have no opportunity to use. For both of them one of my favorite lessons was adding holidays to the calendar. Most of us are familiar with the US national holidays excluding the current federal shutdown.  In addition there are religious holidays and ones for other countries. States and cities can also add their special interest holidays. Growing up in Illinois I assumed everyone celebrated Lincoln’s birthday as well as Washington’s. Halloween would be listed as an event rather than a holiday by the software – something that goes on in the background rather than a day to close business.

The Uniform Monday Holiday Act moved some of those holidays from fixed dates to floating Mondays starting in January, 1970. The calendar says today is Columbus Day but I still think that October 12th is the real Columbus Day. On February 12th I should hang the flag out for Abe Lincoln although as a new Texan I need to learn Sam Houston’s birthday. We celebrate our anniversary and Harry’s 1st stroke on Memorial day of different years no matter the date. It is just easier that way. Here in Honey Grove we celebrate Davy Crockett Day on a Saturday in early October because he is given credit for the name even though he didn’t arrive in Texas until November.  If Congress had included Thanksgiving with the floating Mondays, they would have messed with the Black Friday sales (named because retailers were finally in the “black”.) Somehow Black Tuesday just doesn’t have the same ring.

The point of all of this calendar history lesson is that as a retired person, I can declare any day a holiday if I wish. I will hang out my flag today not just because it is the federal Columbus Day but in my SAM2 world it is an official October Rain Day. Any ideas for special food on a Rain Day?


3 Responses to “Holidays – Today is October Rain Day”

  1. Nancy October 14, 2013 at 6:31 AM #

    Your white chili would warm things up nicely without being dark. October is still a month full of light, rainy Mondays or not.

    • compterteach October 14, 2013 at 7:22 AM #

      I’ve been thinking about the white chili for days (now that we are in the 70’s rather than 80’s). Unfortunately I can’t even get my husband to try it. He also won’t eat my regular chili because he says it is too acidic. Made potato soup last night. Almost as good.

  2. Janice Clark October 14, 2013 at 9:35 AM #

    I grew up celebrating both Washington’s and Lincoln’s birthdays also, before Congress combined them into Presidents Day.
    For your Rain Day holiday, some sort of soup sounds good. Something simmering on the back of the stove or in the crock pot is food for the soul long before it becomes food for the body. We eat soup for lunch almost every day, mostly homemade. I’m doing vegetable beef today, and will cook enough to store in the refrigerator for several days. Some sort of bread is a nice accompaniment, whether it’s yeasty rolls. or something quicker such as biscuits or muffins.

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