Family Visits and Long Range Plans

15 Oct

The Transatlantic cruise has been cancelled and refund requests have been sent off. I was surprise to discover that we booked it in May so putting it all together had taken 5 months rather than just 3. When we try for a reverse trip in the Spring, I will wait until it is closer to departure before I book. The trip we selected had been filling up and I didn’t want to only have inside rooms left. Next time, I’ll take that chance. Years ago I often would wait to buy my sons Christmas toys. The hot toys would often be gone but the reduced options made making a decision much easier. I’ll put my time to better use between now and then.

My son, Doug, had called to ask if he should come down. He hates to fly (the affordable seats are too small for him), the train doesn’t make a comfortable route and he would not have a lot of time to drive. If he were to make the trip now, it would be for the reason that would scare Harry the most – afraid that Harry will die soon or have the stroke that leaves him worse than dead. I rationally know that either of those things could happen at any time but he is recovering now and his life is looking up. I will use this opportunity to convince the boy that Skype will work just as well without the disruption to our lives. We will plan for him to visit but it should be part of our long range plans rather than a last minute dash. He doesn’t always say what he feels but he does show it. When Harry had his first stroke, Doug came to visit within a day or two. He went with me when my mother passed even though I had to listen to him grumble about being squeezed into his airplane seat. He offered to go again when my brother passed. I did that one alone but his offer meant a lot. He is a rock and I don’t always give him credit for it

For now I’ll focus on the short range. Hopefully we will hear from the speech therapist today. He has physical therapy on Wednesday and  a return to the pain management clinic on Thursday. Looks like we will be back to building our plans around appointments once again. He is right; we do need to plan an escape soon.


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