Diabetic Cookies and Fall Mornings

17 Oct

One of the best things about Fall is the cool mornings. I can enjoy my first cup of coffee nestled with the cats on the love seat in front of the fireplace. The old cat especially likes both the snuggling and the warmth from the fire. She isn’t much more than skin and bones and needs the extra heat. It also feels good to wrap my stiff arthritic fingers around that hot coffee cup.

It is also a nice change to use the big oven to bake a batch of cookies. During the summer I do all of my baking in the toaster oven. It does a good job for most things without heating up the entire kitchen but can’t handle the cookie sheets. At 45 degrees the warmth from the oven is a delight. Even better is the smell of fresh baked cookies. I’m really surprised that my husband has not gotten up to follow his nose to the kitchen. With luck the cookies will cool enough to go into the cookie tin before he even knows they are there. When it comes to cookies, he is not known for moderation.

These are diabetic cookies which is not an oxymoron. They have a little molasses mixed with the Splenda for color and a hint of crisp. The butter is cut in half and joined by an overripe banana. The flour is 1/3  whole wheat, 1/3 ground oat meal and 1/3 regular flour. This batch has a handful of pecans and another handful of chopped chocolate chips. The end result is tasty, crunchy and almost good for you. Now I’ll just need to convince my husband that the cookies are reserved for a pick me up as he works with the speech therapist. Not bad for a cool Fall morning.

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