Internet Addition

23 Oct

I honestly think that email and social networks are excellent ways to stay connected with friends and family.  I can know what is happening in the lives of my cousins without trying to think of things to say in a phone call. I honestly don’t know phone numbers for those cousins but it is okay. We can offer long distant support with troubles and cheers with good times.  We went for years without any connection except through siblings and parents. Many of those are gone now so a more direct connection is better. It has also made organizing family reunions just a little easier.

I also maintain a loose connection with former students the same way. I don’t check the Facebook posts every day but once a week or so lets me congratulate their victories. I wish I had been able to share my own victories with some of my old professors. I like to think that Dr O’Rourke would be proud to know that 40 years later, I used some of the lessons that he taught me in my own classes. I never got to thank him after I became a college professor myself. I lost touch when he retired.

A couple of times a week I turn to Skype to chat with my oldest son and friends. My 15 month old granddaughter comes running when she hears the sound of the Skype ring. She like to wave and chatter with her “Flat Grandma.” One friend has a dog that tries had to figure out where my husband is when he joins our chat. I’m trying to get my youngest son to use Skype because I really would like to see him when we talk. He is holding out.

There are days, however, when I question the number of email and Facebook accounts I use. I have a Yahoo account that I have had for decades and is a major connection with former students. It is the one that also gets the most spam which I need to check. The filter has been known to put notices for my upcoming bills into the spam folder. I decided to use my ISP address for all of our new utility bills so now I have to check both to insure I’ve paid everyone.  That is a hassle because they are both Yahoo accounts. I tried a Google account as my retirement account but I don’t really like Google as well as I do Yahoo. I miss using Thunderbird with my old ISP. It had better features than either Google or Yahoo. In addition I still have my Wenatchee Valley College account because I did teach for them last year and that is how I would hear if they ask me to teach again in the future.

We never got Harry’s computer set up in the family room. Still have one piece of drywall to hang before I can put in the shelving. The latest stroke put that project on hold for just a bit. As a result I also check his email account for notices on his bills. Each morning and evening I check for updates on a number of accounts. I’ve heard that there is Internet or email addiction. Do you think I’m there yet?


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