Time Management in Retirement

21 Nov

I had not given much thought to my time management practices until my husband started yesterday with, “What are we doing today?” I was rather surprised because he usually just waits until I tell him what I’m going to be working on that day.  I adjust my house remodeling projects based on 1) weather 2) materials available (supply runs are grouped as much as possible) and 3) most importantly, my energy and arthritic pain levels. He joins me in a project whenever I need help or have something that is part of his skill set. Yesterday he was quite happy to leave the painting to me after we cut the last of the sheets for the skirting around the base of the front porch. The original plan was to cover the sheets with the vinyl siding we had taken off the old porch skirt. I revised because our weather is to change from upper 60’s to upper 40’s with freezing rain. The paint was left from the porch floor and is quite presentable for the winter. The skirting will prevent the wind from blowing under the house and we can add the siding in the spring when it goes back to being warm.

My husband will settle in with his normal daily schedule of walking the dog when the dog and I say it is time and then watching game shows for part of the morning and judge shows for part of the afternoon. He explained that he uses the game shows to push his memory and the judge shows to push his ability to follow the legal logic. I will say the game show answers out loud when I’m in the room but he hasn’t gotten there yet. He is happy to know an answer even if he can’t share the answer. He also has an hour of speech therapy twice a week. Those sessions tend to wear him out but that is a good thing. In between we’ve started to play a few hands of cribbage.  Before strokes we had played a lot of cribbage at our cabin. He is using auto memory to help in relearning to count his points. I need to build that into my time management plan.

My husband also stays up later and sleeps in later than I do. This also will be impacting my time management because my next major projects are in the master bath and master bedroom. Like him, I am best in the morning but my morning shrinks until after he is up and we have both eaten breakfast followed by that first dog walk (second dog walk for me 🙂 Those projects may drag out for awhile.

The greatest thing about time management in retirement is that I can schedule vacations at the drop of a hat or in our case at the sale email from our timeshare company. They offer 1 week rentals in condos all over the country as well as Mexico and the Caribbean for $220 per week. The offer is only open for 24 hours so for me that leaves out anywhere we would need to fly.  In two weeks we have already planned  a road trip with dog to Florida. We will visit a friend for two days and then go on to the Florida Keys.  We could have extended that with a week in Daytona if we left the dog at home but it would put us home closer to Christmas than I’d like. We then leave for a week in Corpus Cristi between Christmas and New Years for our normal timeshare condo exchange.  Although the dog has to go to the kennel, we have a neighbor who will house sit and keep Iggy company. I’ll have to remember to watch for the vacation sale next year. Early December might very well be a good time to go to Florida again.

I did book a condo in Arkansas in early March because $220 for a week is just too good to pass up. I really wanted to go to South Carolina but Harry voted to be closer to home.  We will see how he does after the Florida trip before I start planning more long road trips. In between I’ll watch for more condo sales. That bathroom can wait.


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