Getting Back In The Swing

16 Dec

Vacations are wonderful. You make that break with the everyday and turn to new sights, foods and adventures. We drove to Florida two days after Thanksgiving. To be accurate we drove across Louisiana to the middle of Mississippi the first day and then across the panhandle of Alabama and into the middle of Florida the next day arriving in Sarasota on the 3rd day. It was between 5 and 6 hundred miles each day which worked fairly well. I didn’t get too tired and my husband didn’t get too stiff. The dog snored in the back seat so he didn’t seem to mind too much either. The adventure started less than 30 miles from home as we headed east on roads we had not driven before. We had talked about going to Clarksville, TX or to Texarcana and discovered that we still can’t say we have been there because the highway goes around both cities as it does for many other cities. That is good if you wish to get from point A to point B as we did on this trip but not if you wished to really experience the country.

I like to slow down and read the historical markers along the way. The route we traveled was filled with information on Civil War battles. Neither of us are Civil War buffs so we didn’t take those back roads. I may research Vicksburg after stopping there at the Welcome Center. I do like the character of Visitor’s Centers in each state. Most offer a small slice of what the area or state is known for with decoramas or memorabilia. Most offer coffee but Florida also had orange or grapefruit juice. It was a nice touch.

The bad thing about vacations is the never ending array of slow internet connections in hotels. It would be a struggle to check email. Some nights and mornings there was no promised internet connection. I could have typed up my postings in Word to post later but after waiting and waiting, the wonderful ideas about that day’s adventures would turn towards bed.  We did have a few nice days in Sarasota with my friend Licia and we did go down the Florida Keys which were interesting and not a place we would visit again.

It was nice to get home even though our electricity was questionable for 5 days after the ice storm that came though before we got back. In two weeks we will leave again but for a week in one place. Hopefully the internet will connect from our condo. I need to keep in the swing of writing.


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