1 Jan

New Year’s day is a unique day when the world stops to assess the prior year and makes plans to do better for the next. I used my Christmas letter to sum up 2013 as a year of lots of work, some serious health issues and some fun. I had had hopes of getting most of the remodeling done so that fun could move up of the list. That didn’t happen but I have planned more escapes to do just that.

As an additional part of that plan for fun escapes, I’ve started a serious look for a newer camper van. Yesterday we drove over to Rockport to look at a 2002 Pleasureway. It had the general parameters that I had set for mileage and price but it just isn’t the right van for us. We’ve had our current van for so long we are comfortable with the floorplan. I’ve learned the things to look for that will impact how we live in our van. Because space is limited, that becomes even more important than a house. Remodeling is really not an option. Looking at a different one, however, did give me hope that 2014 will find a newer van in our travel plans.

We have really enjoyed our week in this condo in Corpus Cristi even though it has been cooler and rainier than I would like. We may have similar issues with our condo week in Arkansas at the end of February but it will be a new area to explore and hopefully have a hot tub for relaxing.

Last night we got dressed up and went to the Holiday Inn across the street for dinner before they started their New Year’s eve party. Because there are so many bar’s and liquor stores here on the island, I’m sure it would be a lively party but that is not our style. Getting dressed up was a trial run before the cruise in April. There will be at least 3 formal nights in our 14 days and I needed a reminder of what to pack. I forgot Harry’s shoe polish and black socks for this trip although I think I had packed black socks for the last cruise plan. The only thing that is hard to pack are shoes.

Today will be a quiet one. I’m hoping that the rain holds off so I can go for a beach walk. Harry will watch football while I do some laundry so I’m not packing too many dirty clothes. Tomorrow night I start getting our things organized for check out on Friday morning. The week has gone so quickly but we will head to the Roadtrek dealer in San Antonio before we head home. Maybe that new van will be waiting for us.





2 Responses to “2014”

  1. bctoltman January 1, 2014 at 2:27 PM #

    Happy New Year! It would have been nice to see a picture of you two “gussied up!” Have a great and safe trip back home.

    • compterteach January 2, 2014 at 4:10 AM #

      Happy New Year to you as well! (The gussied up was not a picture worthy sight!)

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