Technology Takes Another Step

9 Jan

Almost a year ago (Feb 25th)  I wrote about technology in my world. I had just expanded to add a Kindle Fire to the basic Kindle, netbook and laptop for my mobile computing needs. To that group we have recently added an updated GPS and an Android smart phone.  The old GPS wouldn’t charge and we purchased a new one before our Florida trip. I used the charger from the new one to recharge the old one. All that I had needed was a $5 cord! We decided to keep the new GPS because we did like the additional features like Traffic Camera warnings.  The old GPS is now in Harry’s truck where it will probably see limited use.

This last month I decided to buy an Android smart phone. It has taken me a while to learn how to use a number of the features (answering a call was the hardest) and I have a lot more to come. It does have a GPS but even if I bought the phone 1st I’d still go for the new GPS which is against the current trend. Consumer Reports told me a couple of years ago that I’d no longer need a separate GPS or a separate camera but a food processor and a mixer do the same job. They have over lap but each does its main job far better than its partner. The camera on the phone is handy and very fast but that camera won’t let me take the macro pictures I can take with the SRL. I don’t take a lot of snap shots but when the mood strikes me, I will spend the time to create some really good close up images.

The smart phone also lets me connect to the web via available WiFi or data minutes. That is very handy but I will never see myself keying in this blog post on that phone keyboard. I already have a love hate relationship with its “helpful” suggested words in my texts. I’ve yet to try the voice to text feature to see if that will be better or worse. I did add the reading function to a couple of books on the Kindle Fire to help Harry get back into “reading” but because he is still technology challenged it has been a mixed result. We will try it again but only early in the morning.

On our way home from our week in Corpus Cristi, we stopped to visit friends who had also retired to Texas from Wenatchee Valley College. As we chatted I received a text so the conversation shifted to phone technology. My friend had received a spam text and didn’t know what it was or what to do with it. His wife had issues with the virus scan on her computer that was asking her to update the software. She had purchased a new year’s coverage and didn’t understand what it was asking her to do.  I was able to answer their questions and in their eyes I was still the Queen of Technology.

I guess all things are relative. I do have more than one FaceBook and email account but I don’t have a Twitter account and never felt the need for one.  I just discovered the videos Chris Hadfield made from the Space Station last year and would have followed him on Twitter if I had known at the time.  My world is richer from those videos but there is so much information out there, I couldn’t possible know about everything.  I’ll still buy “terminal” gadgets that meet my needs and only upgrade software if I honestly see the need. Now it is time to download that netbook and install Linux. Maybe I can make it run faster. I am still a technology junkie at heart.


One Response to “Technology Takes Another Step”

  1. Nancy January 9, 2014 at 8:54 PM #

    So I just learned about Upworthy. That I will check regularly.

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