Social Media and Friends

22 Jan

I have a Facebook account and I did have a My Space account. I check the Facebook daily and haven’t thought about the My Space in years. I also have a Linkin account but other than locating my former step son, I’m not sure that it is a good site for me. Retirement doesn’t lend itself well to business activities.  On Facebook I have connected with cousins, sister-in-law and grandchildren. I have a second Facebook account that I use for former students. I don’t check it as often but do like to know when they have found jobs or made a big step in their continuing education. I long ago turned off the email notifications for that account. I like knowing they are doing well but there is a TMI line there somewhere.

One of the hard parts of moving 2100 miles away is losing contact with old friends. Some are those rare friends that when you do talk it is like no time has pasted even though you may not have talked in a year or more. With others in that group I chat more often and love Skype for really staying connected. Skype helps the miles disappear.  When I am really lucky, one of the haven’t talked to in a year friends joins a Skype buddy so the chat is expanded.  Thank you, Nancy. Kathy and Amy, I’ve missed seeing your smiling faces.

Skype, however, is real time so time zones can be issues and a very busy life can limit the time a friend spends in front of the computer during time that I am still awake. There are days when I check email/Facebook a couple of times a day if I am feeling out of touch or expecting news like the lost tablet from the USPS. When we are traveling, I consider myself fortunate if I can get a good connection every other day. My life gets very busy then so I do understand the friends who have a job and a life and little time for social media.

I have a small group of friends who have a social media page they are rarely on. Birthday wishes stack up for years and they go unanswered. I am concerned. Is their life full of good busy or has there been a tragedy? Have they moved as part of a job change or retirement? The Christmas card didn’t come back so hopefully they will think to tell me about major changes because I do still list them among my 35 Facebook friends. My friends are important to me so don’t be a stranger and Rick, what email should I use? Linda, has your phone number changed? Terry, I know you moved. Did you get your Christmas card? Where are you now? Life is too short to misplace friends.

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