I’m a Democrat

28 Jan

I’m a Democrat. There, I’ve said it out loud. That is normally not a dangerous thing to say but where I live, it might be. For most of my life, I’ve said I was an Independent but that was really hopeful thinking. I have rarely ever found a Republican candidate or viewpoint that I could get behind. Also as a teacher being an Independent was an easy way to keep politics out of my classroom. Like religion, I’ve never felt it was right to take advantage of my position to advance my own views. Or maybe it was just easier than getting into an argument in a class that was not designed for that type of argument. There was an episode in my classroom in 1972 with a Vietnam vet and a discussion on germs for germ warfare, but that is another story for another day.

In my college days I had very strong socialist views. My father was terrified that I would join the communist party and never be able to get a clearance for a government job. We did have a member of the Students for Democratic Society and he was the only person I knew of at the time who smoked pot but I didn’t really know him and had no desire to do so. I may have socialist views but not to that extreme.

Most of my adult life, I have lived in counties that were predominately Republican. When I did place a political sign in my yard, the odds were good that someone would remove it. During my mortgage company days, I had a friend who wanted to be my campaign manager in a run for Washington state senate. He thought we could switch houses for long enough to get me elected in his district.  I passed on that idea.

Now I live in NE Texas where Rick Perry is currently governor and Wendy Davis is starting her campaign for governor against a gentleman who appears to be even farther right than Perry. Neither women nor Democrats are elected in my county but maybe it is time to change that. I took my first step last night with a  meeting of the Fannin County Texas Democratic Women. I had expected there to be 10 Democratic women in the entire county but I was wrong. I believe there were 12 and 5 men! It turns out that the Democratic women’s group is the only active group of Democrats in the county so men are included.  They discussed plans to be more visible through this next year at community events including one with an invitation for Wendy to speak. Guess this means I’ll be saying that I am a Democrat and Wendy Davis supporter out loud much more often.


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