Project Chain Reactions

21 Mar

Projects have been moving along here but in my traditional pattern, very few are actually finished. The bathroom is done except for some shelves between the two sinks. The shelf boards have now been stained and are waiting for sealer. Maybe I’ll do that today so that I can install them tomorrow. Then it will be time for me to take pictures. The before and after are rather dramatic.  I do plan to post the pictures here.

I’ve painted the wall behind the TV alcove so it is also ready for shelving. I need to buy two more boards, stain and seal them before the final trimming. The standards could go up when Harry isn’t nestled in his chair watching TV. He says I can disturb anytime but he doesn’t really mean it. Once the shelves are up, I can move some baskets out of the corner in my sewing room. I’m not sure just what I’ll put in the baskets but I’ve known that I wanted to put them on the top shelf in that alcove. Then I could put up some shelves in my sew  room but I’m thinking about moving it to the man cave. When I finished painting the hallway, I hung my flower pictures. That meant I unpacked 5 boxes of pictures opening a corner of the man cave that would work quite nicely for my sewing things.

We had put the table saw in the man cave which was good for the saw but not for the other things in the man cave. I really should remove things from the tool shed and put down a level floor there. Now that the roof no longer leaks and we have a door that closes, the table saw would be much happier there without a major rust issue.  Moving it will have to wait until we add the bump out to the family room for the utility room. Besides the washer and dryer there will be room for the freezer which will free up the floor space in both the tool shed and the small room behind the carport that currently serves as a utility room. At 5 1/2 feet wide, it is hard to call the space a room but it will be an ideal place to hang the bicycles and golf clubs.  Getting that bump out completed is the major project for this spring after we return from Rome.

My sister-in-law sent a box of my mother’s and my brother’s things. I unpacked the “treasures” on a corner of the dinning room table. Most of them are still there while I consider what to do with them. I have decided to send the jewelry box that I had given my mother to my middle granddaughter for her upcoming birthday. This will also give me an excuse to clean out more of my own jewelry box. My needs have changed now that I’m retired.

I also unpacked all of those boxes of pictures on the dinning room table. There are now stacks of old family photos to be scanned before framing and stacks of frames waiting for the right pictures. There is another stack of frames that need repair.  I really want to reclaim the table but that means putting some things back into boxes. Those would probably go back to that corner of the man cave which means I can’t move my sewing room there.  Maybe I’ll start somewhere else.


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