13 Apr

We rewarded ourselves for the hard work on the hour with a bucket list item. We left on a 2 week transatlantic cruise from Florida to Rome with stops in the Azores and Spain on the way. Although the food was good, it was boring after a few days and neither of us were impressed with the cruise line. Talking with others as we disembarked, we learned we were not alone. For me, part of it was the weather – cool, rainy and very windy which they really couldn’t control but once was enough.

I did just kick back and did nothing while Harry watched movies. They would show 3 movies per day over and over again. It meant that he could walk out for a meal and come back to almost the same place. If he missed a beginning or ending, it would come around again.  We did watch Under a Tuscan Sun together.

I read. I had loaded the Kindle with tons of murder mysteries. One even took place on a cruise ship. Because the weather was back so often and the sea was rolling just enough, I read in bed after taking sea sick medicine. It even got to Harry so he joined me. In other words, we spent a lot of the first week sleeping! I did spend time exploring the ship but it was filled with bars and additional cost restaurants which are not our style. So I read.

The excursions in port were 6 – 8 hr trips with 2 hours each way in the tour bus. They were also expensive so we stuck with walking the areas near the port. We enjoyed far better than the people who took a tour to see mountain lakes in the fog. Great way to spend $200 each!

So with only 1 week of relaxing, we were ready to head home but it doesn’t work that way. Now we are in Rome. Today starts our first full day of sight seeing. I’ll keep you posted.


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