Eating in Rome

16 Apr

We have enjoyed our time exploring across Rome. We are also boring. We have found 2 restaurants that are on this block where the food is good and the staff speaks at least some English. We have eaten every meal at one or the other.  Harry has come to terms with the idea that a Hamburger and chips is  hamburger patty with french fries. He has also eaten more pasta this week than he has in his life.

The restaurants have very different styles and price options. One has linen napkins and a varied menu. The pasta is very good and reasonable. Everything is an option, however, including water. The basket of bread is 2.50 euros which isn’t outrageous but the rolls are so hard we couldn’t eat them. They might work dipped in wine but I’m not sure that would even make it. The water is also 2.50 euros and is a 1 litre bottle for two. The restaurant is open for breakfast, lunch and dinner although we’ve only had lunch there once and dinner every night. Our average bill is 25 euros.

The other is a small café that serves lots of coffee and paninis. I got paninis to go so we could eat on our balcony. The sandwiches came with a drink. Yesterday Harry had a cheese pizza and coke while I had lasagne with a glass of wine. I had my choice of 6 different pastas, drink and coffee for 8 euros as was Harry’s pizza. Average bill for everything is 16 euros. We would have eaten dinner there as well but they appear to close at 4 in the afternoon.

The plan for tomorrow – our last full day is to wander down our street in the other direction towards another basilica and a different set of  restaurants. That will work well for lunch but we will probably be back to the more expensive one for dinner. I’ll need to spend the evening making sure everything is repacked for our flight Friday morning. Customs and airport security sounds like a challenging combination and airplane food. Can’t wait to get home.


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