The Great Closet Switch

10 May

Our weather has turned warm. In fact it has probably gotten too warm for that trip to Big Bend National Park. That may need to wait until fall. The van is back from the mechanic and is now off to the RV repair to have the sewer line replaced and the LP gas system checked. So we aren’t ready to go yet and the weather will get warmer.

The 80 plus degree days also require a switch in my wardrobe. The jeans are moved to the unused drawers and the shorts have taken their place. The long sleeved shirts, sweaters and tees have been packed into the old luggage and the short sleeved and sleeveless have taken their place in the drawers and closet. If we had large walk in closets with lots of hanging and shelf room, everything could keep its place but we actually only have one closet in this house. Extra coats need to move to the storage rooms at the end of the carport.  The wardrobes in each bedroom work just fine for the current season but not the range we need here. I do find it hard to pack away all of my long sleeved shirts. I often wore either a white shirt or a blue chambray one during the summer in Seattle or even Wenatchee so I left a couple which I know will just take up space of the summer here. Old habits are hard to let go.

There is an adage that says if you haven’t worn it or used it in 6 months, it should be tossed out. That was obviously created by someone in a single season climate like southern California or Hawaii. So accounting for 4 seasons that have different temperatures, I could adjust that to items not worn in a single year should be tossed. I still can’t follow that either. Even though I’ve been retired for almost 2 years, I still don’t know what my retirement life will be like. I’ve spend most of the last two years in grubby painting/working clothes. I keep thinking that there will be an end or at least a reduction in that activity. I can see the end but we just aren’t there yet. Once we get there, I do plan to clear out to one set of winter and one set of summer grubby clothes. Then maybe I can figure out how I will spend my time and what I might or might not need in my wardrobe.  Once I do, who knows; there may be room in that closet for a full year’s clothes. Does that mean I’ll need to give away my old luggage collection?

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