Fresh Veggies

29 May

The vegetable/flower garden in the back yard is in a happy state. My visiting new neighbor Rick used his big rototiller to double the space in the bed. I then used my small one to till in compost and some sand. The soil could have used lots more of each but there were limits on time and energy. This was in early March. I got some seeds in the ground and tomato and pepper plants set out. I was late on the potatoes but they joined the onions all before we left on our cruise. It was a little early for the tomatoes and  peepers but waiting until we got back would have been too late. I used the onions to define 6 squares with pathways around.

We got a hard rain right after I planted which was good for the plants but not so good for the seeds. They washed from one side to the other within their squares. The carrots are now mixed with the radishes and the nasturtiums are intermixed with the zucchini.  If the mint came up, it had moved to a scatter pattern and went the way of the weeds when I got back. It was only after they were gone that I realized they may have been the mint. That is what I get for trying straight line. Next year I’ll seed in blocks within the larger squares.

As May winds down, I have harvested the spinach, used lots of red and green onions and added a few baby carrots to stir fries. Harry is not fond of carrots so a few go a long way for him. I wish I had lots more of them because I’m in the mood to make carrot marmalade.  Guess I’ll have to buy carrots for that. At least I won’t have to share it with my husband.

The zucchini are happily blooming as are the radishes and potatoes but that was expected. So far we only have a couple of 2 inch zucchinis but with the number of blossoms, once they start, I’ll need to watch them carefully or we will have giant squash. Most importantly the tomatoes are also blooming like mad and the plants are loaded with green tomatoes. There are two small cherry tomatoes that are almost ripe. Yesterday I thought I had a couple of yellow leaves only to discover that we had three ripe yellow cherry tomatoes! I shared one each with Harry and Rick. It seemed appropriate. They were amazingly sweet and tasty. I can’t wait for more. We will only have tomatoes until early July.  The garden will then be in a holding pattern until I replant at the end of August for a fall harvest.  I’ll see if I can remember to plant the lettuce I forgot this spring. It may mean we will have a straight from the garden salad at Thanksgiving. Love it.

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