Bug Bites

2 Jun

We have mosquitoes. That should not be earth shattering but this is really the first year that they have been an issue. I grew up in northern Illinois right along the Mississippi River so I know about living with the nasty little biters. I’ve also lived and traveled in Minnesota where I thought the mosquito should be named the state bird.  Harry lived and worked on the tundra in Alaska where the mosquitoes are huge and plentiful. In our youth repellent was available but not used on a daily basis. You lived with the bites or stayed inside screened buildings.

In our more mature years we both lived in different areas of Washington and Oregon where mosquitoes were rare although not unheard of. My mother had disapproved of my house in Auburn because as an old house it had no screens on the windows. She thought it was low class to have the curtains blowing out the windows. There were no screens because we really didn’t need them. If it was a mosquito year, the county did a quick spraying and the bugs were no longer a major issue. In eastern Washington it was dry enough there were few opportunities for mosquitoes and no fleas.

We keep mosquito repellant in the camper because we never know where or when it might be an issue. Harry was much more attached to it than I have been. The mosquitoes seem to like him more and then he will scratch the bites until they become big red lumps. This year he doesn’t even go out to the front porch with his morning coffee without a total spray covering. I’ll admit that I not far behind him. Not only are the buggers numerous, they are very very large. For me the biggest issue is that they like my ears! I’ve had mosquitoes around my head but never in my ears and did I say they are huge? The biology teacher in my would like to know what species they are, but the rest of my just wants to swat them.  It makes it rather hard to do any work when one hand needs to be free to keep the bugs away.

We’ve had enough rain that the grass also is growing very quickly. That means the chiggers have a chance to do their thing and they like to find us on our back yard walks. Because we are not wading through tall weeds, we only have to deal with them at ankle and sock level. They don’t seem to be affected by the mosquito repellent but since it only slight bothers the mosquitoes, that is not a shock either. So we both have numerous bug bites. We will need to go to the store later today. It is time to buy more anti itch cream. Maybe there is something to be said for drought.


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