Iggy the Cat is Missing

15 Jun

Like all humans owned by a cat, we think our cat Iggy is the most special cat ever. He is a handsome boy with his black mustache and goatee. He has always kept his white belly glowing even though he has gotten a little too fat whic makes it hard for him to  reach all areas. When our old female cat was alive, she would make sure he had the backs of his ears washed. Since she passed, he has picked up the slack just fine.

He has also been disgustingly loving. He would go to Harry in the morning for his snuggle and pet time. In the evening he would spend an hour demanding that I hold him and pet him. He in turn showed his affection to both of us with head butts followed by a quick neck bite if we weren’t careful. He always has wanted to see just how close he could be and never wanted to accept “No” for an answer.

He has been an inside-outside cat so I never had to worry about a litter box although I have kept one outside near his pet door that was protected from the rain. The ground here can get very hard. He has come and gone as he has felt necessary in those odd hours that cats keep. Some time during the night, however, he felt it necessary to be a blanket anchor in the middle of the bed in the winter or to share my pillow on warm summer evenings. I always thought his goal was to force me to get up by either being too cold or too hot. Once up, of course, I would put fresh food in his bowl or at least let him know how special he was.

Two weeks ago, someone dumped a tiny kitten in our backyard. Although I love cats, I’m not too fond of kittens; they are terrorists in small packages. If someone else felt the same way, why didn’t they drop it off at a shelter? This kitten has a badly infected eye that the vet thinks he will probably lose. Yes, I took the kitten to the vet who thought he was just too feisty to be put down and that he would do just fine with one eye when it comes to that. Because he was sneezing with an upper respirator infection, we kept him in a large pet crate outside on the carport because we didn’t want to have Iggy get sick. We would let him out to go for our forced march around the back yard. He followed faithfully even though the grass was often well over his head. Iggy had stopped joining us on our walks weeks ago when the weather started to get really warm. I assumed he had not noticed that the kitten was around.

Three days ago hard rain and wind were forecast and I brought the kitten crate into the family room. I had thought it would be a good way to introduce him to Iggy. I don’t know if they ever actually met because we have not seen Iggy since that night. We didn’t panic during the first 24 hours because he would often hid from the pet sitter for a few days. Then we started checking all of the storage buildings where he could be locked in. We checked with neighbors and now we sit and wait. I would like nothing better for this Father’s Day, than to give my husband back his cat. Instead it looks like he will need to settle for having a feisty kitten try to climb his leg.

2 Responses to “Iggy the Cat is Missing”

  1. Janice Clark June 15, 2014 at 7:40 PM #

    I’m sorry to hear that your cat is still missing, and hope he will surprise you by returning sometime soon.

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