One Project Finished

17 Jun

Major edit: All pictures have been added from the separate pages.

On May 28th, 2013 I wrote about all of the projects that have yet to be completed. I’m not known for ever being finished. There is always just one more thing that should be done to truly finish any project. I’d like to view it as the “continuing improvement” concept. It could also be refereed to as “tweaking” the finished project.  Usually I take my time about even getting that far. Like continuing education, any project can be improved.

The porch that I talked about in that May post is still not 100% completed. We have left it without a railing because Harry likes it that way. I still think it would look better with a rail but it is not a high priority. Last fall I added a OSB skirting because the porch is continuous with the rest of the house crawl space. We didn’t need any extra wind going up our skirt there. I got it painted so it matches the porch floor and actually looks pretty good. The plan is to replace the vinyl siding that we had removed carefully three years ago and stacked in the front yard. While we were in Rome, our neighbor decided to clean up the yard for us and moved the stack to the back in the area where we will be removing more siding to do our laundry room bump out. I had wanted to wait to install it until the weather was warm (now) because the siding is old and brittle. So to finish that project, I need to remove the two shrubs that are now leafed out, move the stack of siding so we can install it before we start on the laundry room. At least we will be doing one project at a time there and the neighbor meant well.

Now that I have stated what we haven’t finished, lets move on to what we have finished. The master bedroom was quite colorful when we bought the house.

Old Closet Area

Old Closet Area

The add on closet was trimmed in yellow and blue.

Purple Bath Door

Purple Bath Door

The door to the bathroom was purple, while the door to the bedroom was blue.

Blue Door

Blue Door

The baseboards had been painted strawberry pink and the window trim aqua blue. It took 8 large containers or paint stripper to get it all removed and stained to once again match the house.


We now have wardrobes on either side of our bed.

The bedroom

The bedroom

My wardrobe with my dollhouse complete with doll furniture on top.

My wardrobe with my dollhouse complete with doll furniture on top.

Harry's wardrobe with my baby rocker on top.

Harry’s wardrobe with my baby rocker on top.

We removed the poorly done expanded closet that was in that room and the poorly placed original closet (as well as the Strawberry Shortcake colors).

For the last two years we have each had a rolling clothes bar.

Now we have double rods in each of the wardrobes. They were built in a rustic style and painted to match the bedroom so they look like they have always been there. They were a little time consuming to build and paint but I was very pleased with the results. We had a very challenges getting them into the bedroom. Because they are 7 feet tall, we had to carefully tip them to get them out of the carport. They were about an inch taller than the carport trim. We managed to carry the 1st one into the house to the hallway were we discovered it was too tall to slide through the door and too wide to angle before we tipped it. The two bedroom doors are offset just enough that it could not be pushed one way or the other. It sat in the hallway for three days while I focused on getting our stuff ready for the North Texas 425 miles of yard sales.  When I wasn’t selling something or showing off the old van, I thought about what we hadn’t considered on the too tall wardrobes. There appeared to be only one option left.

We laid the wardrobe down on its side and I carefully cut off the 4 inch legs. We set it up on a towel and were able to slide it through the door into the bedroom. I then painted and attached 2 x 4 legs to each of the narrow sides to raise it off the floor before installing the doors. We were able to slide it into place and level it. The second one had its legs removed before coming into the house.  They could be pulled out for cleaning or painting although that will probably never happen.

Before putting the wardrobes into place, I did finish adding the ceiling trim on the back wall behind the bed. I had stopped with only three sides completed earlier in the year. I knew I had to remove the rolling clothes bars before placing a ladder to reach that area of the ceiling. Why move them twice? So now the bedroom is finished. Well almost, because I really should stain and seal the attic access door and trim but I view that as more of a tweak.

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